Hair FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hair FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why I choose the best authentic virgin remy hair from New queen?

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How can I check if I’ve purchased authentic virgin hair extensions?

There are six ways to see if the hair you purchased is virgin:

  • There must be split ends. If the hair does not have split ends, this means the hair has been acid-washed and the cuticles have been stripped.
  • You can feel the cuticles. Hold a strand of hair near the top between your thumb and index finger, and slide your fingers down the entire length of the hair. The hair should feel smooth. If you reverse the motion and slide your fingers up the strand, the hair should have ridges—these are the cuticles. If the hair is smooth both ways, the cuticles were stripped by an acid wash and you’ve purchased fake virgin hair.
  • The ends of the hair will generally be lighter than the roots. This is more prominent in Remy virgin hair because many women work outside. The moustache/beard at the weft is short. The moustache/beard is the hair that has been stitched to the track and reversed so the hair does not shed. In virgin hair, the moustache/beard must be very short to avoid tangling. If the moustache or beard is long, the cuticles will catch on the long flowing hair.
  • The hair is not coated with silicone. If the hair has a shiny residue on it, then it is silicone-coated Non-Remy hair. Remy virgin hair doesn’t have this coating.
  • The hair does not smell like corn chips. Authentic virgin hair will not contain chemical residue, and it hasn’t been overly processed.

  • What is Remy versus Non-Remy human hair?

  • Remy human hair is natural. When you examine Remy hair through a microscope, you’ll see that the cuticles look like little scales. When all the scales flow in the same direction from the roots to the ends, the hair won’t tangle easily. At New queen, we pride ourselves on using only Remy hair.

    • Non-Remy human hair tangles easily because the cuticles are flowing in opposite directions. Unfortunately, 95% percent of all extensions are made from Non-Remy hair.

What is fake virgin hair?

Many hair suppliers call their extensions virgin Remy hair. In reality, they’re selling Non-Remy hair that has been acid-washed and blended with synthetic hairs. These extensions contain many short hairs that add bulk near the roots. We call this fake virgin hair—it’s cheaper because it’s lower quality. When you buy it, you’re buying the equivalent of a knockoff purse.

If fake virgin hair can be dyed and washed, why should I buy authentic virgin hair?

  • Authentic virgin Remy hair has not been damaged or overprocessed, so it lasts longer. When fake virgin hair is acid-washed, the hair is damaged. The acid wash also reduces the thickness of the hair, and it becomes more prone to shedding. The silicone coating only creates the illusion that the hair is healthy.
  • Virgin Remy hair can be washed frequently to remove oils and product buildup without affecting its quality.

  • Why are beauty supply store extensions and fake virgin extensions so smooth and silky when I first buy them?

Beauty supply store extensions and fake virgin extensions are silky and smooth because of their silicone coating, which reduces tangling at first. This hair will always feel very smooth in the store, and when you touch it there will be a greasy residue left on your fingers. Once the silicone is washed off, the hair will dry out and become a tangled knot.

Why did my fake virgin hair begin to melt when I tried to bleach it?

Fake virgin hair will melt if it contains synthetic hair fillers, which are cheaper than human hair. Synthetic fillers will melt when heat is applied.

Why are my hair extensions light brown or multi-colored?

Remy virgin human hair from Brazil,Malaysia, India, China will never be completely the same color throughout an extension. It will usually be lighter near the ends. Remy human hair from Southeast Asia will be more consistent in color but still not uniform. Fake virgin extensions are generally lighter brown than authentic virgin hair because they have been acid-washed, a process that removes some pigment. If synthetic or animal hairs are mixed in, the hair will be multi-colored.

What is the source of Non-Remy human hair?

  • The vast majority of Non-Remy hair is sourced from India.
  • Most women in India have very long hair. When they brush it, strands get caught in their brushes. Some women collect their fallen hair and sell it to local collectors, who then sell it to manufacturers. Every strand is used—including grey hairs, dyed hairs, and hairs with lice, dirt, and oil.

What is the source of Remy human hair?

Only 5% of hair extensions in the world are Remy human hair. Most of this hair is sourced from Asian villagess hair salon, and Brazilian hair salon, and temples of South India as well, When the barbers at the hair salon shave the heads of women with long hair, they carefully tie the hair in a knot to keep all the strands flowing in the same direction. This one simple act creates the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair. Unprocessed Remy human hair is more expensive than processed Non-Remy hair extensions, Once the manufacturers receive the Remy human hair, they wash it and sort it to remove grey hairs and impurities


Why is New Queen virgin hair darker at the roots than the ends?

This gradient color is a sign of authentic virgin hair. The hair at the roots will always be darker because it’s new hair. The sun bleaches hair over time, resulting in lighter ends. In some pieces, this creates a beautiful natural ombre look.

What is steam-permed hair versus chemical-permed hair?

Chemical-permed hair has been heavily processed and damaged. Dying or bleaching will only cause further damage, and stylists would not recommend it. New queen’s steam-permed hair can be safely bleached or dyed.

Why do tighter steam-permed curls require more maintenance?

When Remy human hair is steam-permed into tighter textures, it is being forced to hold a curl. You should treat it with care to maintain the texture. In humid regions, the hair will expand with moisture and will require more upkeep.

What are the best hair care products for authentic virgin hair?

Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Moisturize with argan oil. Steer clear of heavy oils. If you use them, make sure you wash them out.